jueves, 1 de enero de 2015


Ghoul Fair Sarah

Freak Du Chic™ Playset with Rochelle Goyle™!

Boo York Boo York™ Operetta™!

Ghoul Fair

Ghoul Fair

 Boo York Boo York™ Nefera de Nile™!

Freak du Chic

Freak Du Chic™ Honey Swamp™!

Boo York Boo York™ Luna Mothews™!

Boo York Boo York™ Astranova™!

Freak du Chic Jinafire

Boo York Boo York™ Clawdeen Wolf™!

Freak Du Chic™ Frankie Stein™!

Ghoul Fair

Boo York Boo York™ Catty Noir™!

Boo York Boo York™ Draculaura™!

Boo York Boo York™ 2-pack Deuce Gorgon™ and Cleo de Nile™!

Boo York Boo York™ Mouscedes King™!

Boo York Boo York™ Elle Eedee™!

Freak Du Chic™ Toralei Stripe™!
So... what do you think? I am excited by this new Nefera, its being ages since the first one was released, and this one looks AMAZING.
The other dolls are a little meh for me. I went form collecting all Monster High dollies to sell all of them and just being very picky. If something catches my eyes ity is welcome home, but not all of them like I did. There a lot of lines and dolls, IMO, and I have to be picky for both my credit card not to run away and my home not to be clustered haha ;)
So, what are your thoughts on these?

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