lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Opi Glitter Off - how to apply

This is something I have been waiting to try for some time now. I usually remove my nail polish y peeling it off when I can, but sometimes it damages myn ail as it takes little strips of it. Depending on the type of nail polish I use acetone free remover. But as I've said, I fnd the ability to strip it off and be done with it amazing. If it could be done easily and fast it would be perfect. That is why I decided to try this.

So far I just applied it, with a liquid sand over it (I know it is not glitter, but I wanted to see if it can remove this kind of polishes too) and have yet to remove it. So far is holding okay.

The tips for applying is to use a thin coat and let it dry competly before applying the nail polish.

It doesn't have the Pro Wide Opi Brush, but I found this one is perfect for applying the "polish", which looks like glue, it kind of smells like it too.

That is how it looks just after applying it. Then it dries to a somewaht mate base.

I tried using this base with a liquid sand, but the result is that it didn't work quite as well as expected. I was able to strip some bits of nail polish, but not all, and I had to go get my nail polish remover.

I also tried using this peel-off base over a nail base, but it kinda broke on me. See pics:

I don't know if this happened because I used a base of because there is some problem with my peel-off product.

I will keep it updated with more entries as I learn more of this easy removal base.

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