viernes, 23 de enero de 2015

Opi Sorry I am Fizzy Today

Hi there!

I just got on my  nails a pink that I love!! Turns out I am a sucker for pink nail polish, and this one is amazing because it is kind of peachy, which sets it apart from regular pink nail polishes.

Formula wise is a two coater, very opaque and nice and easy application. It has avery beautiful shine to it.

Instead of base coat I decided to apply the Glitter off base coat to see how it will work out when peeling off this kind of nail polish. I will keep you updated on that one! ;)

About the peeling off process: it was fairly easy to peel off the polish from my nails, and did not manage them in any way. In some nails it was a bit harder to get it off on the top of the nail, but nothing major.
The only downside is that after only some hours after having applied the mani and having been on the computer a couple of hours some of my nails presented some chipping.

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