jueves, 1 de enero de 2015

EVER AFTER HIGH The Way to Wonderland™ line

Way to Wonderland™ Madeline Hatter™
Way to Wonderland™ Lizzie Hearts™

Way to Wonderland™ Apple White™

Way to Wonderland™ Kitty Cheshire™

Way to Wonderland™ playset with Raven Queen™

My opinions on these line are confused. It could be such a great line, but the final result is a buit confusing... overall all the dresses are crazy but not in a good way, and some styles look quite forced...  Also, the playset is cool, but it costs a bit too much. And Raven looks totally like Madeleine on this one.... 
All in all not a good line... at least IMO. Could have been way cooler.

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