domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

Opi Gaining mole-mentum

This glitter top is from the collection Muppets Most Wanted.
The glitter per se is shredded gold glitter with some touches of  light pink in a clear base. I just love that for me this is a new concept of glitter, have ever seen one like this, it looks like gold particules scattered over my nails, and I am loving it!
The formula was good, even if for my taste the glitter pay off was a bit weak, so I ended up doing three coats for the photos below.  I found it also relieving and good that I didn't have any issues with the shards poking up (only a couple of them where like this and where easy to remove).

As I've said, I used 3 coats over Chic from Ears to Tail for the photos below.

I also have to note that I used Opi Glitter Off and that removing the glitter was a breeze!! :)


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