jueves, 15 de enero de 2015

Opi Is that Silva? (Skyfall collection)

If there is a nail polish somewhere that deserves adoration, this is it. As in seriosly. Have you seen how amazing it looks?

Really, this nail polish is out-there-amazing, at least for me. Is a mgnetic holo goodness, which was a bit of a madness in order to apply until I got the knack of it, but was well worth it.

This polish comes with a magnet and a sheet of instructions in a cool package:

I love how it is packed because I am freak of order and want to get it well stored

Desoite the fact that the instructions say that you have to go nail per nail, I find it was better for me to do the following (and some other blogs share my view on it, so I thought I would share it):

- apply your usual base coat
- apply one coat of Silva polish to each nail
- apply a final coat of Silva and then use the magnet.
Here, the results can vary: I mean, I ended up doing three coats instead of one because when the magnet was done I could see the ridges of my nails which I dind't like, so I added another coat an re- did the magnet and ended up applying three coats on all nails.
- when using the magnet press down your finger as to help prevent touching the magnet with the nail
- hold the magnet for 15 seconds (instead of the 5 said in the instructions) helps get a clearer design
- let it dry allowing PLENTY of time for it to do so, or when you apply top coat it will blur the lines and end result. I also found it better to apply the top coat in globs from the brush rather than as usual as it sometimes would drag the paint and smear it.
- Voilà! Amazing nails!!!!

Is not only the stripess, is the amazing holo glitter thing. And the profundity. This is some AMAZING nail polish <3

Formula wise it was perfect, although I had to use three coats as to not have nail ridges showing, but this is an easily fixed thing.
I applied top coat which also helps create more shine and profundity. Also to make it feel less gritty (it was only a bit, though)

It is a must buy polish. Seriously.

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