martes, 6 de enero de 2015

Monster High - Venus McFlytrap Music Festival

Venus tends to be a doll that I enjoy because of her boldness. I like her checkiness, her vibrant colors, her amazingly soft hair, her partly shaved head, how she always sports cool looking clothes, and how randy she is. And this one is even better looking than usual ^.^
To prove it, here are some pics:
Inside her box her body language is not the best there is, but she looks better than the drawings on the box, IMO

Once outisde the box she looks as cool as ever, with all the plant bits and all her rocking clothing. I just happen to love this kind of doll hahahaa

Her partly shaved off head is one of those things that I really love about her. It makes her unique on her own way, at least for me.

Also I got her for 10€, which was a steal.

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