jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

My Pukifee Ante - make up by me

Hi there folks!

Now I want to introduce you to my little one, my Pukifee Ante. I usually go for the bigger ones but with her it was love at first sight. She is so amazing!!! She really is such a Pretty Woman !!! :)

When I got her on my hands, so tiny, so peaceful, so highly detailed, so gorgeous, she went ahead all my cue of "BJD waiting to be painted" so she could be given life. When she was ready to see the world she was born... asleep... like a gorgeous fairy born of my mind, guiding my hands to paint her as a beautiful little nymph...

She's beautiful when she sleeps

I thought she was a sweet little creature, wanting to be cuddled and protected. That was because I saw her sleeping first, I firmly believe now... 'cause when she was all up and dressed... OMy!!!! What a fierce little warrioress!!!! What a cheeky chubby lovely creature I had before me!!! She can be so adorably cheecky, my little one!!!
I just love my little rascal! :)

 She is very full of life and currently she is the only one of my BJDs that has a whole living room for herself lol *hint: she may have to share soon enough :)*

All decked up for Halloween
Come to think about it, is not so surprising that she is the only one to live in her won space surrounded by furniture and props, since the vast majority of my guys are this tall If they had to have their own living rooms I would have to get out of mine!!! LOL :)

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  1. Una keka preciosa! Realmente muy bonita!