martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

Tom Hiddleston - Drools a lot *.*

*drools a lot*

Phew. This man is way too sexy for his own good. And funny. And caring. And a gentleman.

I was blown away when he was being interviewed and saw his fans asking for autographs and pics and you could see the struggle on his face until he asked for a pen and went to sign autographs while the interview went on.

And then he had to run because he wa sbehind schedule because he chose to sign autographs rather than leaving when he was asked to
I was trying to find the interview in which he asks for a pen so he can sign autgraphs, but haven't had luck, so I leave you with this one in which he takes a pic with one of his fans, flash doesn't goes off and then he insists on taking another one:

Caring Hiddles

So... fangirling moment off LOL!

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