viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

Delayed Pleasure. Yes, of course.

Just before I head out to see the first episode of Arrow season 2, I have to tell you that today I remembered a certain Tom Hiddleston video. This one:

Tom Hiddleston Cookie Monster video

that I have previously shared, but... he's gorgeouss, his smile is aphrodisiac, and plus, today I got some cotton candy. At first I thought of this video... control, delayed pleasure and all of that, you know? And I was like:
Sweet lil' me with my sweet cotton candy
 But hey... it's cotton candy you know? And I'm ADDICTED to it, so... in no time I was...
cotton Candy Rampage!!! LOL

So... that also translates into: I'm not good at waiting , I'm really addicted to cotton candy, and if one day I see Hiddles... better hope for his sake I turn out to be more shy than addicted to eat him lol XD

And off to see Arrow and supper I go :) Nitte folks!

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  1. You only live once, my friend, seize the moment and seize the cotton candy!