jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

One of my biggest guys, Chalco - make up and body paint done by me

I remember seeinf for the first time. His eyes, his hair, everything about him. It was in Soom official page. He looked like a god, like sin and fresh hair at the same time. I was done.
I remember when he arrived home. All taken apart. Yet I was crazy about him. And if I was already in love just by seeing his pics, just by seeing him in bits in my living room, I fell even harder while seeing this:

That's some friggin amazing leg!

I know just a leg is not much to go by but then... it's me you taking about and his amazingly hot leg!!! LOL

So I wanted him to be as much as I knew he was or could be, so I began working with him, working on his amazingly legs so they could look as I had them pictured on my mind, then worked with his make up, and one day he was able to stand up and look at me:
He looks... edible!!! Yummi!!!

Still with no hands, no hair and he didn't even had eyes but he was standing sure of himself and beautiful as f*ck. I guess he was wondering why I was covering him up with my hand lol 

Then one day his wig and eyes arrived. Also his clothes. But I guess I will have to take some other pics of him to prove that he has clothes LOL

He is just ajsowajkednaknd argh!
All in all I'm proud of how he looks and that I was able to give him the image I had of him on my mind. He is one of my favorite guys and I love him dearly. And yet I still owe him a thousand pics with clothes... and hands... cause in all of the above pics he is hiding his hands for a reason hahahaha They still weren't finished, but I sooooo wanted to enjoy him *love him*
I assure you he has hands now. Amazing hands. Even if I say so myself. But hey! What's not amazing about this guy? Maybe that he is covered in clothes... not fully, I assure you... that would be a waste LOL

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