martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

DOLLS - Heads I'm working on right now :)

I'm working on two heads right now, a Feeple 65 Siean and a MNF Rheia. Siean has to be more sweet, but you have to be able to see her convincing when she turns to her darker side.
And Rheia... she is kinda angsty. Thought maybe only on the surface... who knows...

On the left, sweet Siean; on the right, angsty Rheia

So... I'm quite proud of how they are looking right about now :) I hope they turn out to be as good as I want them to be :)

I had a kind of accident with Siean once she had the sealant on. Her face plate fall face down. Murphy law. Looks like I saved her (phew, God bless!) but her eyebrowns will need some kind of perfiling anew and working on them. But considering what happened we got lucky it was just that. Also it's quite possible that her sealant needs some leveling, but again, lucky considering. hope it doesn't cracks over time because she needed more quantity than I usually dose in order to fix her up, but fix her up I did :)

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  1. Els ulls de la dreta son impressionants! Ha quedat molt molt be! De l'esquerra les celles son molt maques. Mestre Kekera!