lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

Diana Raptor

Well. I shared a vid of Hiddles imperssonation of a Velociraptor. So. We both were 12 when we went to see it to the cinema. So both were awed, I suppose. Or maybe both of us are crazy LOL Truth is, I also got my raptor imperssonation. So I got asked to do it in here. But I'm no actress as Hiddles is.So my vocal chords can't do the noises as well as he does so I need more training. Meanwhile, I'm gonna leave you with this.

Please, see it listening to Jurassic Park Main Theme It will add more deep lol

Diana Raptor, classic version

Craziness upgrade. I mean... tail upgrade LOL

Condemor Raptor

Diana Raptor in headlights

My dog feels intrigued *ashamed LOL*

I'll Rawwr and raaaaawr and your house bring down!!!
Well... it's been showed that I am, without a shadow of a doubt, a true Raptor. And a true photoshop artist. I've got mad skillz!!! LMAO!

I do hope I would still be able to walk down the street without being pointed at... oO ROFL

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  1. Respuestas
    1. Para cuando mis rugidos no parezcan los estertores de un estornudo xD

  2. Bon dia.

    Jojojojojo, ahora el mundo conoce a la Dianaraptor, ojo con los cazadores furtivos!!! :p :p :p


    1. jajajajaja lo q ven es q estoy como una cabra xD