jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013

Human beings aren't human. Animals are our betters.

It's  been one of my theories for some time now that animals are our betters. They love more, hurt less, and are full of a kindness human beings won't ever understand.

But lately... with animals abussed, getting animals as gifts that get left behind when no longer fancy, killing of animals withour reason and for pleasure... I'm convinced that humanity is a cancer on this world. I would literaly kill for my animals. If they aren't the best part of me, they are, at least, what have awakened my soul. If you do not love an animal you aren't truly alive.

And then I read things like this about a Pitbull tossed out of a car window (I usuaññy don't read this things as I would feel quite bad afterwards, but this one promises a happy ending), and I got reminded again of the fact that we are an horrible species. Not all of us, but humanity isn't human. The human being is the least human species of them all. I am ashamed of human beings. Vast majority shouldn't even be classed as "beings" at all but as trash.

The dog on the story, she was lucky she survived. That the little one also did. We are monsters--- sorry. They are monsters. I do not count myself as one of them. I've got a house full of joy. Five fluffy things that got my heart and my soul on their pawns. I know the joy of her love, of their kisses. I know what it is like to get an animal who had been abussed run afraid away from you when certain things reminded her of the pain of her past. I'm awed by that same animal, loving, gentle and trusting again. She has given me her whole life, without holdbacks. She trusts me to love and to protect her, never to hurt her again and never allow anyone to. They will have to get through me first.

I'm lucky of having been raised since I was a baby surrounded by animals. It's been proven that lucky kids as us grow up to be different. Different human beings. I did some stupid things to animals when I was little, but learnt soon they are alive and feel the same pains we do. I have been awed by a very loved dog saying goodbye to us with her last strenght the last time she was able to make her body obey her (still brings tears to my eyes and it's been two years). Touched by a cat answering my call in the throes of pain and death to open his eyes and look at me again. I was saddened (and still brought to tears nothing could be done to save him). I  had saved animals from the streets. I had taken care during months of injuries on my animals. I know what is to hope with them, cry with them, laugh with them. Get them under my skin. I know what love is. Real love. Living with them. And yes. They are our betters. 100% sure.

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