martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

DOLLS - My make ups portafolio (as it is on 05.11.13)

Here are some  of my most recent make ups :)

Soom Chalco.
Legs, hands and face up made by yours truly :)

PKF Ante
Make up by me

Bobobie Ariel
Third time is a charm :) Make up by me

Soom Phonolus
Legs, hands, stripes and face up made by me :)

PKF Ante
Sleeping face plate make up made by me

PKF Luna
Sleeping face plate made by me

PKF Luna
Make up by me :)

MNF Rheia
Make up by me :)

Mow I'm working on a F65 Siean head (almost finished), and have a F60 Mirwen on queue alongside a Soom Monzo fantasy version :)

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