martes, 3 de diciembre de 2013

REVIEW - Elsa singing Doll (Disney)

The truth is, without even hearing her sing and seeing her light up, she's a beauty. Just standing there, standing still on her box. And I have prrof, too :-P

That's mine, I took the pic on the Disney Store
She has a face... very roguish :) I can't help but love the tilt of her lips, her sideways glance, her mischievous grin, her freckles...

Lovely mischievous grin :)

Her dress is also amazing, the only thing that is missing is the ice thingies her flutering cape had in the movie. Other than that, the blue dress is very well done, and my only complain could be, if there had to be one, that the glitter on the cape keeps falling off. I guess it will come a moment in which it stops, but as of now... everything is glittery LOL

Elsa posing with my cat LOL

And here you can see how marvelous she is when singing and with her arms light up: my Elsa singing "Let It Go"
What is really surprising is that this doll activates with motion, not with the small button-thingie the previous Disney dolls had in their hands. She also has the on/off switch on her side, and the speaker is on her back, inside a heart shape. Also, another difference, is the lighting up of her hands. Her sister Anna lights up on her chest, I think. I also think she lights up red. Elsa, being the Ice Queen, lights up blue in her hands, as you can see on the vid.

I have to be honest and say that I was in love with her from the very first moment I saw her. First as the smallish doll, and then when I saw this one. Only thing that stopped me was her price. 40€. So I went and left her. Three times. At the fourth, she came with me. Worth it. Just saying :)

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